Blackened Heartbeat

November 10th, 2023


Formed in 1997 in Northern Italy, Secret Sphere stands as one of Italy’s foremost power metal bands and is regarded as a pioneering force in the Italian power metal movement.

Their debut album, ‘Mistress Of The Shadowlight,’ emerged in 1999 and rapidly thrust the band into the limelight, receiving rave reviews from numerous specialized media outlets.

With ‘A Time Never Come,’ a natural musical evolution from their initial efforts, the band solidified their presence across Europe. This album became an iconic release in the Italian power metal scene, garnering tremendous acclaim from fans and media alike. It provided Secret Sphere with the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Edguy, Primal Fear, and others while selling around 10,000 copies in Japan within just two weeks.

Following the release of ‘A Time Never Come,’ the band attracted the attention of Nuclear Blast Records, which signed them for two albums.

‘Scent Of Human Desire’ (2003), Secret Sphere’s third full-length endeavor, represented a bold experiment that incorporated hard-rock influences into their established style. ‘Heart & Anger’ followed in 2006, marking the band’s fourth album—a grand symphonic work featuring a 40-piece orchestra and a choir. Following its release, the band embarked on tours with King Diamond and Astral Doors, experiences that contributed significantly to their growth and expertise.

In 2008, ‘Sweet Blood Theory’ reaffirmed their status as a leading force in the heavy metal movement, and they embarked on another major tour, this time with the legendary Gamma Ray, in February/March 2010.

The year 2010 witnessed the release of ‘Archetype.’

In 2012, ‘Portrait Of A Dying Heart’ emerged as one of Secret Sphere’s most ambitious albums to date. The band crafted a monumental concept based on the novel ‘She Complies With The Night,’ specially commissioned by Secret Sphere’s guitarist and primary composer, Aldo Lonobile, from the young Italian author Costanza Colombo. ‘Portrait Of a Dying Heart’ delves into the eternal conflict between dreams and reality, featuring new vocalist Michele Luppi, renowned for his exceptional vocal contributions to numerous melodic metal masterpieces, including works with bands like Vision Divine. Michele joined the band following the departure of the original singer, Roberto Ramon Messina.

With Michele at the helm, the band released the album ‘The Nature Of Time’ and embarked on extensive European tours, headlining shows, multiple Japanese tours, and numerous festivals, including the prestigious Wacken Open Air.

Secret Sphere signed with Frontiers Records in 2015 and released the DVD ‘One Night In Tokyo.’

In 2021, the band released ‘Lifeblood,’ marking the return of Roberto Ramon Messina. ‘Lifeblood’ promptly revived the band’s original identity, rekindling the enthusiasm of fans who had missed the original sound. ‘Lifeblood’ promptly revived the band’s original identity, rekindling the enthusiasm of fans who had missed the original sound.

Now, with ‘Blackened Heartbeat,’ Secret Sphere presents themselves as they aspire to be musically today. This latest offering showcases their power metal roots, with a majority of songs featuring uptempo rhythms. Despite their evolution since their early career, the band has cultivated a distinctive identity characterized by heavy guitar riffs, orchestral elements, and their unique approach to composing vocal melodies.

Line Up:
Roberto Ramon Messina – vocals
Aldo Lonobile – Guitars
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keys and piano
Marco Lazzarini – Drums






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